So here you are at our Flying Trapeze rig and you’re ready to fly… Yahoo! Beware, engaging in Flying Trapeze can become a truly addicting habit. Once you start, you’ll want to fly all the time! On your first day, you can expect hang upside down by your knees, back flip and even attempt a “catch”!! Before you put on a belt and climb the ladder to the platform for the first time, you will be taken through trapeze “Ground School”.

Your lesson begins with a brief run through of the safety guidelines – an important first rule being to never walk under the net! On the low practice trapeze bar, you will be shown the basic takeoff position, and how to hold the bar and jump off the platform. Your first trick will be the Knee Hang, and it’s just as described – you hook your knees over the trapeze bar and then release your hands so that you end up hanging upside down from your knees. You don’t need to have a lot of upper body strength to try Flying Trapeze, if you follow the instructions you will be bringing you legs up at a point in your swing when your body is quite weightless, and it will be easy to lift your legs up to the bar.

Next you will be ready to put on your snug fitting safety belt, get hooked into the belay system to climb the ladder and then try your trick in the air.   At the top of the ladder you will step onto the platform where the instructor awaits, and your lines will get switched to the safety lines.

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