Once you can confidently perform the Knee Hang, it is time to try a catch! A Catcher will ascend the rope up to the catch trap on far side of the trapeze rig, start swinging, and then hang upside down to await your trick. Making a Catch is probably one of the most exciting moments in Flying Trapeze, the rush of adrenaline will make you want to come back again and again!

For a catch, you will be listening for commands from the Catcher as well as the Line Puller on the ground. When the Catcher calls out “Listo”, you should bend your knees and be ready.  It is very important to wait until you hear the Catcher call “Hep” before you jump off the platform.  After you jump, listen for the cues from the Line Puller to perform your Knee Hang.  This time when you release your hands and arch your back, you will see the Catcher reaching for your wrists.   Once you are “in hands”, you have made the Catch! To complete the catch, you will to let your legs straighten off the bar and then swing with the Catcher up to the front of the net and back again, before you are released to fall on your back down to the net.

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